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If you want to list your Google Adwords (Ads) so that they display in paid search engine results, then you can use Google AdWords. AdWords is Google’s paid search program. And this lets you create your ads, choose your keyword phrases, set your maximum bid price, and specify a budget. If you are having trouble creating ads, then Google has a program to help you create and target your ads. It matches your ads to the right audience within its network, and you pay only when your ad is clicked.

How much you pay greatly depending on the keywords because competition drives the bid price. For instance, a keyword like a mesothelioma, cancer caused by asbestos, runs about $56 per click. The Lawyers love this one. Because a case could arguably net them hundreds of thousands of dollars. So it is worth getting the one case per hundred clicks, and multiple competitors drive the price up through bidding wars.


Signing up for Google AdWords

You can activate a Google AdWords account for $5, choosing a maximum cost-per-click (how much you pay when the ad is clicked) ranging from one cent on up; there’s no limit. Google always provides a calculator for determining your daily budget, along with information on how to control your costs by setting limits. Google has stringent editorial guidelines designed too to ensure ad effectiveness and to discourage spam. You can make payment by credit card, debit card, or direct debit, as well as via bank transfer.


Choosing placement options on Google AdWords

With Google Ads, you have three placement options available to you. The most common issue is for your ads to appear on a Google search engine results page based on a keyword trigger. The second option is to allow your site to show up in the search results pages of Google’s distribution partners like AOL and The third option is that the site targeted campaigns in which you can have your adwords show up on sites in Google’s content network. Site-targeted campaigns are based on a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM — the M stands for mille and is a holdover from the old printing press days) model with $0.25 as the minimum per 1,000 impressions.

Google has already introduced limited demographic targeting recently. To allow advertisers to select gender, age group, annual household income, ethnicity, and children/no children in the household (which raises the price but also increases the potential effectiveness of your ad).

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Google Search & Click

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