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Consumers say that information found in customer reviews helps them choose trustworthy businesses in the marketplace. Business appreciates customer reviews because they highlight positive customer experiences.

Just like complaints, customer reviews are vetted by BBB team members and sent to the business before being published online. This helps us ensure that interaction did take place between the customer and the business, and it allows the business to respond to the review.

While we would like to be able to promise that every review comes from a real consumer every time, experience shows us that is nearly impossible to guarantee. We do take steps to minimize misuse and improve consumer experience by:


1.      Validate the email address or phone number of reviewers.

2.      To allow the business to confirm interaction with a particular consumer and respond to customer comments.

3.      To Allow the reviewer to also submit comments on the customer review. Comments from third-parties are not allowed.

4.      Scrub the reviews to remove any inappropriate language or personal information before the review is published.

5.      Don’t allow anonymous reviews or reviews in which the consumer was compensated.

6.      Publish the customer review to the company’s BBB Business Profile.


Even, by following all these steps, BBB cannot guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of a review. If your business is really a matter of a customer review you disagree with it. Please make sure to provide a response to BBB explaining your position.

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BBB Reviews

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