Android App Installs


Android App Installs



Made an Android app? Did you already publish it in Google Play Store? Congratulations! You have entered upon a fantastic journey, successfully created your applications. And thought the time had come to share it with others. I am speaking from my experience. Many people would like to be in your place right now. Do you know that, only one-tenth of all developed Android apps reach the point where they are published in the Google Play Store. All the rest are shoved into the drawers and nothing ever happens to them. But the risk that nothing will happen with the remains for those apps that have been published as well. Success is decimated again if the consumers don’t find the software.


How does it work?

Our team is aware of an effective way for you. You will safely move your placement within the Store’s algorithm upwards, in a positive direction. When you buy Android installs we perform custom app installations every time based on the number of installations purchased. The larger packages you subscribe to, the better and more secure on your Android app will be for your users. Basically, what happens is you purchase many downloads through our services. The downloads must be relevant and to be the specific searches. This, in turn, will greatly increase the success of the app. If you can point to the exact target audiences, then you will be able to choose the package that will fit your needs the most, and based on that we will do the rest of the work. You will just start seeing a positive change in your statistics. Just a few days after you subscribe to one of our service packages. Your app ranking will be improved gradually as app views, installations and ratings. Feedback will multiply and drive your business forward. You need to reach the users all around the world in Google Play Store!


Buy Android installs!

Once you have selected and subscribed to the right package you will receive access to your account, whereby answering a couple of simple questions you can give us relevant information about how you want to run your campaign, and then all you have to do is follow the indicators!


Some important information:

You should know about the quality of our service is not the same as the quality of the many short-lived services you can find online that use software robots and don’t offer any guarantees. The Android installs are purchased from us are legitimate. and they can stand the test of Google algorithms. All of our users are real people. And we can assure you that the download numbers you see in your Google Play Store statistics is based on real activity. It is very important to be noted. How long the installed apps and they can be used in the installation environment. For you, it’s best that if the app stays on mobile devices for an average of at least one day. Another very important part is, you stick strictly to your marketing strategy, and do not outsource this service to another provider simultaneously. If you don’t choose carefully this can ruin the results that were already achieved and everyone will have worked for nothing.

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Android App Installs

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